2.5" SSD R231

2.5" SSD R231 is a SATA III 6Gb/s eMMC MLC multi-terabyte SSD with MEMXPRO MP808 controller. 2.5” SSD GT M3M-P utilizes power management mechanism with capacitor design to provide power backup and ensure data integrity during unexpected power failure scenario.


  • MEMXPRO MP808 controller for in-house firmware control.
  • SATA lll interface running at up to 6Gb/s.
  • eMMC MLC flash in extended and industrial grade temperature ranges.
  • Multi-terabyte storage capacities up to 5TB.
  • Power Plus for power backups in abnormal power failure scenarios.
  • SMARTPro device monitoring tool or SDK library support.
Interface SATA III
Form Factor 2.5" SSD GT (SFF-8201)
Flash Type MLC eMMC 
Max. Channel 4
Density 2TB~5TB
Sequential R/W (MB/sec, max.) 520/415
Operating Temperature -25°C~+85°C/-40°C~+85°C
Max. Power Consumption 6.6W (5Vx1320mA)
Dimension (LxWxH/mm) 100x69.85x7
Operating Voltage 5V±5%
Storage Temperature -55°C~+95°C
External DRAM Buffer N/A
Thermal Sensor
DEVSLP Mode <5mW
ATA Security
Vibration 20G (7~2K Hz)
Shock Resistance 1500G@0.5ms
MTBF >3 million hours