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High Cost/Benefit Industrial 2.5”SSD E231 - 800 Orders Received Worldwide

MEMXPRO’s leading-edge industrial 2.5” SSD E231 series features SATA III MLC SSD with up to 4TB storage capacity. With proven technology, 2.5” SSD E231 provides large capacity, high-performance, low power, and assured reliability for embedded computing systems including servers, surveillance, and transportation applications.


Choice of Multiple Small Form factors

E231 series includes a wide range of form factors available for industrial and embedded applications from 2.5” SSD, M.2 SATA, mSATA, Mini mSATA, and Half Slim SATA to fit your product design specifications.


High Performance Upgrade

MEMPRO provides you with a perfect memory and storage product solution if you want to unleash your performance potential. With advanced technology, we can satisfy your critical demands far beyond your expectation on transmission speeds, program loading times, and task implementation.

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