MemxPro Announces a New DRAM Module and Multi-terabyte SSD Series at Embedded World 2017

socket connector system and the use of mounting holes with screw attachments firmly holding the CPU board and memory module together. Their pin definitions closely follow the SODIMM pin definition, so that an SBC or COM originally designed with a SODIMM can be easily adapted to XRDIMM and RuggedDIMM operations.

All MemxPro DRAM modules series support -40°C~+85°C industrial wide operating temperatures for high reliability and superior performance under extremely cold and hot environments. MemxPro DRAM modules series are also available in standard and extended grade (-25°C~+85°C) temperatures. For the industrial and embedded markets, a thermal sensor is built-into MemxPro memory modules and the products are designed with industrial-grade materials and 30µ" gold finger thickness for better quality high-speed signals.

MemxPro releases multi-terabyte SSDs running SMARTPro device monitoring software.

Multi-terabyte SSDs Targeted at Server and Transportation Markets

MemxPro also launches the 1TB~4TB 2.5” SSD – 2.5” SSD GT series at Embedded World 2017.  The product series is equipped with the MemxPro MP808 controller, combining eMMC MLC flash for standard grade, extended grade, and industrial grade temperatures.  Compared with other stackable PCB designs over 2 TB, 2.5” SSD GT is a ten-channel single board slim design for better transmission and signal stability. The products are targeted at server and transportation market applications. MemxPro will also be demonstrating SMARTPro, the industry’s first device monitoring software supporting the Android system. In the age of big data, many companies save their collected data to the cloud to analyze users’ behaviors.

However due to limited bandwidth, data needs to be temporarily stored in remote devices and SSDs are ideal for this expanded data capacity. MexmPro is the first company that supports the Android system on its SMARTPro software. The device monitoring software is easy to use and customers can detect and monitor their SSDs and storage modules via SMARTPro on their smart portable devices. In addition, MemxPro also provides customization services for various OS platforms to meet customers’ specific requirements. To find out more, contact our sales team or visit the website.


MEMXPRO provides reliable industrial memory and flash storage solutions with integrated design services to cater for the customized needs of industrial OEM customers. Products are used in a variety of applications including automation and manufacturing, environmental control, military and aerospace, network and communications, automotive and transportation, medical and healthcare, gaming, retail, and more. At present, MEMXPRO’s main product lines focus on DRAM and flash memory storage devices through PCIe, SATA, and USB high-speed storage interfaces, and support various capacities in different form factors. MEMXPRO strives to deliver high-quality products and unsurpassed service, becoming one of the leading brands for industrial memory solutions around the world. For more information, please visit or email us at


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