MemxPro Inc. (hereinafter referred to "MemxPro") guarantees that all MemxPro products undergo strenuous quality control tests to be free from defects in materials and workmanship before delivery. Subject to the conditions and limitations detailed below, MemxPro will provide a repair service or replacement for any defective product by reason of improper workmanship or materials within the applicable warranty period.

A. Warranty Duration

Product Type
 SLC & StrongMLC Product Series
       7 years
 MLC Plus Product Series
       4 years
 MLC Product Series
       4 years
 All Accessories (Adapters and Power Cables, etc.)
       1 year
To use the warranty service, you have to contact the MemxPro sales team first. Once the sales team has replied, you need to return the defective product in a freight-prepaid and insured package to the address assigned by MemxPro. Please include product identification information, including model number and serial number (if applicable) with a detailed description of the problem you are experiencing. MemxPro will provide free repairs and inspect in-warranty products. (Note: The free of charge repair is limited to the damage caused by non-human negligence only.)

B. Warranty Scope
  1. Your MemxPro product is covered by this warranty under the specified warranty period starting from the original purchase date. Proof of the original purchase date is required. If you cannot provide the proof of the original purchase date, the warranty period would start from the date of manufacture.
  2. If the product was serviced out of the original warranty period, MemxPro will charge fees and the serviced device will have an additional half year warranty.
  3. This warranty shall not apply to the transferees of MemxPro products and/or anyone who stands to profit from this warranty without MemxPro’s prior written authorization.

C. Limitation of Warranty
The warranty does not  cover the following circumstances:
  1. Any improper action caused the product to go beyond the maximum erase count life expectancy. The series of SLC-based products: over 60,000 times. The series of StrongMLC-based products: over 20,000 times. The series of MLC and MLC Plus products: over 3,000 times. The erase count numbers are indicated by MemxPro’s SMARTPro software.
  2. Manufactured products were abused, mishandled and inaccurately maintained with a failure to follow the MemxPro’s product manual or instructions.
  3. The defect is due to superior force, force majeure or causes which in any case cannot be attributed to the actions or negligence on the part of the distributor or manufacturer, such as, fire, flood, and typhoon etc.
  4. Actions of intent, such as bumping, hammering or other abnormal use by exposure to improper environments such as extreme temperatures and high humidity etc.
  5. The defect results from abnormal mechanical or environmental conductions such as electronic and electromagnetic pressure and interference, unstable or misused power supply, lightening and static electricity, flames, or other acts of nature etc.
  6. The defect is caused by unauthorized installation, modification, repair and disassembly.
  7. The defect is caused by a computer virus or virus removal.
  8. The defect or loss incurred in transportation of the product to MemxPro for repair.

D. Repair and Replacement Guide
Repaired parts or replacement products will be provided by MemxPro on an exchange basis, and will be either new or refurbished to be functionally equivalent to new.

E. Product Change / End of Life Cycle
  1. MemxPro provides a 3-month prior notice of the last buy day when the affected product can be ordered. Modifications can include replacement of essential components, product enhancements, etc.
  2. Customers can continue to place orders for these products after receiving the Product Change Notice (PCN) or Product End Of Life (EOL) notice of the item. MemxPro will not accept any orders placed after the last buy date.
F. Disclaimer 
  1. MemxPro does not warrant, and shall not be responsible for any loss of data/software stored or installed in any manufactured product, including returned units.
  2. MemxPro shall not be liable for any personal injury or death or any loss or damages to property arising from the product used in a situation in which personal injury or death is likely to occur, including but not limited to medical or medical-related equipment, military or military-related equipment, aircraft, traffic control equipment, disaster prevention systems, combustion control systems, and nuclear energy systems.
G. Additional Statement
The above terms of warranty constitute the entire warranty policy of the company and cover all other agreements, whether oral or written.